A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the marriage of Thomas and Ingrid.

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In Heiraten in Mexiko/Alba Weddings Design, as wedding planners in Riviera Maya, we had the privilege to assist them in this beautyful day.

Thomas and Ingrid already knew this places, because eight years ago they began here their adventure together. And they have decided to seal it, celebrating a civil ceremony in their eighth aniversary, in this lovely cenote.

I lived with them the excitement of arrival, the preparations, the blood test (it’s right, in Mexico when you get married, you have to do a mandatory blood analysis), and finally the civil ceremony. But then when they arrived in the cenote that morning, all the pressure and excitement of these days have melted and mixed with the magic and mysticism of the cenote.

I must say that was really an honor and a pleasure for me to accompany two wonderful people and innocent as Thomas and Ingrid. In their eyes and gestures you can see the love they feel for each other.

Organize a civil ceremony in the Riviera Maya is nowadays very easy, as long as you do it with the right people. Thomas and Ingrid are enjoying their wedding and we proceed with the steps to ensure that their marriage is recognized internationally.

I just have to thank Ingrid and Thomas, wish him a long and good life together, full of satisfaction and love. That the memory of the energy that they have tried in this special day will accompany them in their daily lives.



And thanks guys for your present. It’s awesome

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