Trash the Dress


What is “Trash the Dress”?


“Trash the Dress” also known as “Fearless Bridal” or “Rock the Frock” is a style of wedding photography that contrasts with the classic elegant style and is located in an external and informal context usually a few days after the wedding.

Normally glamor fashion styles without pose are used in places like beaches, roofs, streets, garbage dumps, fields and abandoned buildings.

The purpose of the photo session is to “Throw the dress” and is used to wet it, tearing it, dirtying it or sometimes even burning it.

The origin of the “Trash the Dress” is attributed to a wedding photographer in Las Vegas and a scene of an American soap opera in which the actress is thrown in water with her wedding dress on.

Actually, increasingly more couples choose this way to close out their wedding celebration as a symbol that the wedding has now taken place and that the dress will no longer be used.


So what about you… Do you dare “Trash the Dress”?

We perform the “Trash the Dress” with the best photographers in the Riviera Maya. It can be at the beach or in some beautiful cenote, immersed in the mystery of nature.

The photographers will make the best effort to capture the essence of the couple in an authentic, informal way to reproduce the photos in a super exciting way.

You can dip into the clear waters of a cenote or the turquoise Caribbean Sea where the experience will be unique, fun, unusual, sensual and you will have stunning pictures later!

The spirit of “Trash the Dress” is taking photos indoors or under water that are out of context of the wedding setting.

Perfect for marriage partners who are not afraid to spoil their wedding clothes, because they know it will never be used again as they’ve found their companion for life!

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