Religious Wedding

The Riviera Maya has inspired couples from all over the world!

We’ll find the perfect officiant for your ceremony if you dream of a Catholic Wedding Ceremony.

Playa del Carmen offers a charming Chapel right by the ocean. Keep in mind that it takes around 6 months to complete all the procedures. Pastors and Ministers can also perform religious ceremonies at any location you desire!

Civil Wedding

It’s official!

One of the best features of a civil marriage is its international recognition. The best part? It can take place anywhere you choose, and the Judge will come to you!

All you need are your passports.

And remember, the LGBTQ community is more than welcome to celebrate love!

Symbolic Wedding

A Symbolic Ceremony is has a more chill vibe, very suiting for a tropical Caribbean gathering!

A Symbolic Ceremony has a relaxed and tropical Caribbean vibe, perfect for a gathering in paradise! It’s great for Vow Renewals, Silver, and Gold Nuptials.

You have the freedom to choose a family member or friend to officiate the ceremony. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to involve your children and make it a truly meaningful celebration of love.

Mayan Wedding

Immerse yourself in the ancient Mayan culture that still lives in this region of Mexico.

A Mayan wedding performed by a shaman or healer is a deeply spiritual and sensory experience.

You can choose to have the ceremony on the beach or in a mystical cenote.

With natural offerings, traditional rustic musical instruments, chants, and incense, you and your soulmate will connect with each other.

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