Religious Ceremony

Organizing a religious wedding in Mexico is much easier than you might imagine.

Staff from the pre-selected Mexican Diocese as well as your parish can help you put together all the necessary documents for a religious wedding in the Riviera Maya.

More and more couples want to celebrate Catholic marriage, even in tropical regions.

Marriage in the Catholic religion is a sacrament, so it is necessary to celebrate it only in the church with the approval of the priest.

In fact, religious weddings that take place on the beach or in some other non-consecrated place are not considered official, being mostly Protestant ceremonies that take place in these places.

For a religious ceremony, you must contact your priest. It is advisable to start with the preparation of documents at least 6 months before your wedding. Make sure your parish or diocese has prepared all the necessary documents.

At Alba Weddings Design, we are happy to assist you throughout the preparation of the documentation. When the necessary documentation is complete, your pastor will send it to the preselected parish in Mexico.

The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes and can be in Spanish, German, English or French.

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