Civil Ceremony

With Valid International Certificate.
We organize your civil wedding. It is very important to note that the marriage certificate which will be given to you has international validity. Among our tips for a wedding in Mexico, we tell you how to perform a civil ceremony in order to obtain an official and internationally recognized marriage certificate. We would like to point out that all ceremonies can be held on a beach, in a cenote, a villa or a resort. The judge will be at the location of your choice to celebrate your dream wedding.

The procedure for getting married in Mexico is as follows:

A civil ceremony in Mexico must be performed by a justice of the peace who will write your official marriage certificate.

For your ceremony, we take care of all the necessary documents.

Once there, you will need to take a blood test. This is mandatory for all weddings in Mexico.

We travel with a doctor to your hotel, on the day of your choice and the most suitable time for you.

For the wedding to be official in Mexico 4 witnesses are needed.

In case there is no guest then we will find 4 witnesses for you.

The marriage certificate is then delivered to Chetumal which is the capital of Quintana Roo.

We then apostille the Mexican marriage certificate so that it becomes valid worldwide.

Then you receive the original marriage certificate a few weeks after the ceremony by DHL delivery.

You will need to translate this document by an official entity and then file with the Civil Registry to register your marriage in your own country.

That’s it. Super simple!

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